Monday, January 25, 2010

We're back!

We're back from the BEST VACATION EVER! For our 5 year anniversary we went on a cruise to Mexico. We had such a blast and I'm so sad that its over. I have about 1,000 pictures so when I have more time, I will sort through and will post more. But for now, I will share just a few. Hope you enjoy!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Ya ya ya!!!

I know it's been forever since I have posted anything and that I'm way overdue!!! Things just got so busy and the longer I waited, the longer I knew it was going to take me to catch up on everything so I just kept putting it off. This morning after Chris left, I couldn't sleep so I decided it was a perfect time to lounge around on the couch and catch up all of my fellow bloggers with whats been going on. Is it weird that I think there are people out there who actually care what goes on in my little life?

Anyway, I hope everyone had a great new years. 2009 was OK for me I guess but I'm hoping that 2010 is better. I want all of my family and friends to know how grateful I am for each of them and the example they are to me. I'm so glad I have the family that I have and even my in-laws are so amazing...I'm so lucky that I actually LIKE spending time with them. I'm so grateful for my amazing husband of almost 5 years and I can't wait to see what this year holds for us! Here's to a fantastic 2010!!!

PS. There are like 6 posts after this so be prepared for a picture overload!

Kierstens Wedding

This past weekend, Debbie's youngest daughter, Kiersten, got married. The reception was in Gary and Debbie's back yard and was gorgeous!!! There were lights and candles and flowers everywhere and of course, the thing I care about most, great food and even better company. It was a very busy day but worth it in the end. This was the last night I got to hang out with my nieces visiting from Utah. They are so sweet and I can't believe how big they are makes me sad! Unfortunately, the whole time they were here I kept forgetting my camera at home. Then, when I finally remembered to bring it, the battery was almost dead so I only got a few pictures. And because it was so dark, the lighting is a little weird in them....sad day for me! There's always next time, I guess!

Here's the happy couple, Eric and Kiersten!

My SEXY hubby with his cute smile and even cuter dimples!!!

Dang! We look good!
Here's Ashley! Hailey and Kaitlyn

What a creeper in the background!

Addison looking so sweet!

The camera focused on the candelabra on the table but I love how cute the girls drinking out of their fancy cups. I especially love how Kaitlyn is holding hers! They are so funny!And I just love Ashley's face in this one!


I don't know how Christmas has already come and gone but it that's exactly what happened. I feel like the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas went by in a flash. I love Christmas but it is always so busy and this year was no exception. Christmas Eve we always spend with my side of the family. We eat way too much food, get new jammies and even get to sit on Santa's lap! Our friends Katie and Jeff started coming a few years ago and bring their 2 adorable kids Bella and Trevor. It is always one of my favorite nights of the year...great food and family! This year, my little brother even brought his girlfriend, Robin, for us to get to know a little more. We stayed up late and then wake up in the morning to exchange gifts and eat breakfast.

After breakfast, we packed up all our stuff and went to Gary and Debbie's house where we ate more breakfast and exchanged more gifts. Then, we hung out with them, Jen and TJ and Debbie's kids for a little while before we went to Grandma's. We spent just a short time with Grandma then head over to Laurie's house for the rest of the day. Once we got to Laurie's, we all turned into little kids again. We open presents and then spent the rest of the day playing with our new toys and lounging around, all the while still in our new jammies. To me, it wouldn't be Christmas if I had to change into normal clothes. We somehow managed to eat dinner even though we were already full of candy but it was definitely worth it. Then we did it all over again a few days later when Stew and Robyn were here. They came up a few days after Christmas and were here for a whole week. I'm just barely starting to feel like life is normal again after all of that! Like I said, I love Christmas but it leaves me worn out!

Here's the big guy at his special visit with my family!

Bella wasn't too sure about having to sit on his lap!

And Robyn looking highly uncomfortable! ;) Now Santa doesn't look very comfortable!

We can't miss Theresa, although I think I missed my mom. Maybe she never did sit on his lap!

Trever wasn't happy either! Don't these kids know that Santa brings presents?

The whole Gamble gang once the kids opened their presents and realized maybe Santa is not so bad.

And one of Sam and his Lady friend!

My dad always seems to miss out on seeing Santa! Every year he goes missing right before Santa comes, poor guy!

Here is Chris modeling one of his Christmas presents...a do-rag! HAHAHA!

Now looking a little tougher!

and even more tough!

Here I amshowing off a present (thanks Clare!)!

Aren't we CUTE?

This is Jen looking either really happy or scared or maybe both, I don't really know!Me modeling my new jammies...

And here's the footies, aren't they so stinking cute!?!?!?!

By this point I think Chris was ready to go home!


Last year we started a tradition and framed a picture of all the dogs for my Mother-in-Law, Laurie. I thought it was going to be a one time thing but she actually mentioned it a few weeks before Christmas so I knew I had to continue doing it. So here are a few of my dogs that I thought were super cute! Hope you likey!


And, Kona

White Elephant Party!

Our annual white elephant/karaoke party was a blast this year, as usual! I always look forward to this party and love seeing the funny presents that people come up with. I ended up with a snuggie and I'm a little ashamed to admit that I love it. Its so soft and cuddly and more importantly I can have my arms free to do whatever I need to do! (there is definitely both some truth and sarcasm there!) I was also very proud of one of our gifts that we autographed head shot of Chris. I was worried that Chris would think I was dumb but he totally played along with it and I got such a great picture of him! And even better, our friend Jeff opened it so now its on their piano on display. Katie told me that every time their little girl Bella walks by it she says "Chris?" and Katie tells her that yes it is Chris. So Bella then says, "Hi Chris". She is so sweet and loves Chris! Ok, I won't make you wait any longer, here is that great picture....of course you will just have to imagine the autograph!

This is my crazy dad singing away! (crazy in a good way though, dad)
And here we are, Chris hates these pictures but puts up with me very well (most of the time). Please excuse my fat face
Here's the "I refuse to karaoke" group very conveniently chilling out by the food.
Jen and TJ. I just love these faces!
And my beautiful sister who will only sing when its just family around...and then you can't get the mic from her!
Here's Jeff with his prize! And of course I have to include one of this handsome stud muffin!
And here is my amazing friend Katie belting it out! She has definitely become a part of my family!

And Katie again with her brother who said there was no way he would karaoke....they all say that but I think these pictures speak for themselves!

These are my friends Brian and Kristen trying to decide if they should join in...

And lastly one of Kristen. And yes she gave in and sang with us!


I LOVE Thanksgiving! Whats not to like about a holiday centered around turkey dinner, right?But, of course, with so much food around, there were hardly any pictures taken so I can only share a few. We usually start out Thanksgiving day with the McRae's and then once we've stuffed ourselves, we celebrate again with the Sprickerhoff's! By the end of the day we are usually pretty sick but it's all in good fun! We spend the night with my fam so that Chris doesn't have to wake up early with me to go shopping. It was pure madness but again, all in good fun. It has kind of become tradition. Even though none of us usually buy anything big, we love fighting the crowds....Theresa, maybe not as much, but mom and I love it!

Here is me with Jen
We take the dogs with us and they absolutely love playing in Gary and Debbie's backyard! Its way better than ours and they have so much to explore! They don't usually sit still very long.

No need to explain this one!

And here is my beautiful sister! We were playing a game we had just bought during the Black Friday craziness!


For Halloween we carved pumpkins with my MIL Laurie and SIL Jen and her husband TJ. Then on Halloween night, Chris was feeling very "bah-humbug" and didn't want to pass candy out to kids in our neighborhood so we went to Laurie's to pass out candy with her.

I'm pretty sure I don't need to explain these pictures so I will let them speak for themselves...