Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Sometimes you have to laugh at yourself

I'm sure we have all heard that when we do something dumb or embarrassing that we should just laugh at ourselves......and that's exactly what I did this morning! For the last month or so, my good friend Katie and I have been riding bikes together. This morning we were riding and this stupid car was following right behind us and just wouldn't pass us! so I kept trying to get closer and closer to the edge of the curb until I was just maybe a few inches away. I looked back (ya, real smart to look back when you're on a bike) to see where the car was and where Katie was and then it happened! My bike wheel hit the edge of the curb just enough to totally knock me off my bike! Yep, and 25 years old, I still can't seem to ride a bike without falling! Luckily I just fell into some grass and the only thing hurt was my ego. To make things worse, I had just passed by a girl from my ward with her 3 kids, so they saw the whole thing. I definitely got a good laugh out of it though. Katie and I were laughing about it for almost the whole time after that. I'm so glad she was there to witness it. And I hope you all can get some sort of joy from my little mishap.

In other news, I finally got into a nursing program, YAY!!! I will be starting in January at Gateway Community College. I am so excited, nervous, scared, happy and overwhelmed all rolled into one. I know it is going to be so awesome but the next 2 years are going to be extremely busy for me....but totally worth it. I have been on a waiting list for a year and a half already and haven't even really taken any classes since last summer. So now I have to just jump right back in and hopefully I will get my school groove back quickly. So I apologize in advance.....if you thought I didn't update enough already, just wait and see how bad it gets once January hits!

Also, Chris and I were called to serve in the Gila Bend branch in our stake. Chris is the 2nd counselor in the branch presidency and I am the primary president. Even though we have only been out there for about a month, we already love it and are loving the members there. I have felt the spirit more strongly in my life and can feel Chris and I growing closer to each other and progressing more spiritually. I have felt both humbled and overwhelmed by this calling. We are both so grateful for this opportunity to serve!

Well, if you made it through all that wordiness, congrats! And sorry for the lack of pictures. Maybe I will get my camera out so next time you all will have something more interesting to look at.