Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sunday Dinner

Ingredients for family dinner...$7.00
Large mixing bowl...$8.00

Large wooden serving spoon...$2.00

Watching my husband eat to his contentment......PRICELESS!!!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Game

The company Chris works for has season tickets for all the major Phoenix sports teams. So every now and then, we get lucky enough to get our hands on these tickets and get to go to the games. On Friday we went to the Cardinals game. We had 2 extra tickets so our friends James and Janae went with us. It was so fun to hang out with them; its been a while since we've seen them. I'm not a big sports fan, in fact I was more interested in the belligerently drunken fool in the section next to ours. Everytime a song came on, he would get up turn around and dance and was so ridiculously abnoxious. He kept trying to give high 5's to everyone around him as if they were actually enjoying his company. I felt so bad for the sweet looking family sitting behind him...I would not want my kids to be subjected to such an inebriated man, let alone give him "knucks". He kept leaving the game and coming back with 2 beers at a time, one just isn't enough I guess. He had security guards talk to him several times. Finally he hit rock bottom in the last quarter and fell backwards onto the row in front of his. After that he finally got kicked out. We knew it was just a matter of time and I kept saying that we should cheer when they take him out. I ended up being so caught up with trying to get a pic of him being escorted out that we totally forgot to cheer. But at least I got a pic of it! The Cardinals of course lost. The game wasn't too bad until the last quarter when they pulled out the starters (it was just a pre-season game). All in all though it was a great time.

Here we are enjoying the game.Here's James and Janae I tried to get a picture of the fall, but its really hard to see but I think you get the idea
Here he is getting escorted out...YEAH!!!

One more of us overlooking the field.Then on Saturday, some friends of ours in the ward were sealed. It was such a beautiful sealing. The sealer was so awesome and talked about some pretty interesting and informative things. Their 2 boys are some of my favorite kids in primary and they were so stinking cute. I wish I would have gotten a picture of them but I suck and didn't. But here is one of us getting back into the car. I wanted to get on of us with the temple in the background. The only problem was that the sun was SO bright. So its not the cutest picture of us, but at least you can see the temple. I'm so glad we were able to go. I'm so happy for the Jaegers and know they will be so blessed for going to the temple to be sealed together. I love to be in the temple and feel the peaceful spirit that is inside. Maybe one of these days I'll be better about going more often. After the temple we went to Seranos with Laurie (Chris's mom). Since we were so close by her house, we thought it would be fun to take her with us to eat. We had a great time with her and were happy to be able to spend some time with her. I of course forgot to get a picture but I at least think I'm getting better about remembering to get more of them. Don't worry, Laurie, I'll get you next time!!!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Whats been going on with me

I've had a pretty busy week so I haven't posted anything new in a while. So I guess I need to catch everyone up to speed with whats been going on. Last weekend, Chris and I met up with my family to go eat at the Chinese cultural center. There is a pretty yummy buffet there where we stuffed ourselves with all sorts of good stuff. Here are a few pics of us goofing around...

Here is Chris and my dad. Isn't Chris so cute making his "ouchie" face?!?!Here's the 2 of us. I don't know why I didn't get a group picture, I know my mom did so I don't know how I didn't.
After we ate, I was so stuffed. I wanted to take a picture that looked like I was throwing up. And of course it took me a few tries...

But I finally think I got a good one. Sorry its kinda gross, but what did you expect from me?
After dinner, Chris and I went to go see the new Batman movie. It was done so well and Heath Ledger was AMAZING. I would have never known it was him by just listening to his voice. It seriously didn't sound like him at all. Even to look at him, it would have taken me a while to figure out it was him. It was very fun to go out on a date with Chris.

I don't have any more pictures, but lots of stuff to share with you, so sorry for wordiness...Chris said that I can be too wordy on here and I need to stick to pictures so I don't bore everyone. But I guess you will have to deal with it today.

So the biggest thing that is new it that I have decided to go back to school. I have always thought that I wanted to, but for a long time I felt that it was too late for me and that it would be too hard to go to school and work to be able to pay our bills. Until a few weeks ago, my friend Kristen's mom came in to get a haircut. She is a nursing teacher at MCC (I think). Anyway, I got talking to her and totally felt like it was something I could do. So I thought about it for a few days, and the more I thought, the more excited I got about it. I finally talked to Chris about it, and I think he thought I was crazy at first...he is always so jealous that I get to make my own schedule and that I have so much control over myself and job. But of course, he is a great husband and has been so supportive of my decision since I told him. Its not that I don't love doing hair, because I do, but I'm just feeling like I have more talents to offer.

So on Tuesday, I went to Chandler-Gilbert CC to see what I needed to do to get started. I met with an advisor who told me that I need 3 of the 4 prerequisites classes that I needed to apply for the nursing program. He also told me that there was very limited seating in all of the classes and went on to tell me that I will need to come very early to register for classes for the next semester as they fill up very quickly. So feeling very discouraged, I got on a computer to see if I could at least do 1 class to get going, and miraculously, all the classes I needed were open and were on my days off. I couldn't believe what I was seeing.

I knew right away that the Lord was opening a door for me. It truly amazes me how easily things have fallen right into place, even though this was such a last minute decision. I know this will be a tough semester for me, but I know that its what I am supposed to be doing. Heavenly Father definitely opened the door so I have decided to jump right in. I haven't decided if I am more nervous or excited, it kind of comes in waves. But I know that with the Lords help, I can do anything. I also want to thank all of you who have already shown me so much love and support. I'm so grateful for all you guys do for me. I truly have the best family and friends cheering me on! Expecially Chris, who has been so supportive and has helped me get the ball rolling on this whole thing. I can't even tell you how many times he has told me how proud of me that he is in the last week or so. I am so grateful to have him in my life and hope he knows how much I love and appreciate him.

Sorry for all the mushiness, I think its all out now. On to lighter things. After I got registration all done, I went over to Jen and TJ's house to celebrate TJ's bday. Jen made some delicious chocolate fondue and I ate till I was stuffed. We got to take some leftovers home and it is so good! I keep going in the fridge and dipping my finger in it. Its more like fudge when its cold. I am seriously considering going downstairs right now for some more!

I took yesterday (Saturday) off to celebrate my last weekend of freedom before school starts. Chris and I went to MCC so I could register for my last class because it wouldn't let me do it online. So we were there for a while waiting in line to get everything done. Then we went to eat at Chili's and then went to see Hancock. We used to go to movies all the time but very rarely do anymore, so it was fun to do it 2 weeks in a row. It was lots of fun to spend the day together even though we ran lots of errands while we were out. While we were in the movie, my friend Angee called to see if we wanted to come over to watch some movies with them. So we did and had a great time with them. We watched Vacancy, which was very creepy and both Chris and I were pretty freaked out. And then watched Fight club. We were both so exhausted when we got home.

Today we went to Jen and TJ's ward to go hear them talk. They both did a such a great job. After that we went to Laurie's for dinner to celebrate TJ's bday. It was so yummy, especially since I didn't have to cook it. I guess I did make a tomato and cucumber salad. I bought an avocado to go with it, but it mysteriously disappeared. I seriously can't find it anywhere. It must have gotten left at the store. After we ate, we played a few games and ended the night playing with sparklers that we found in Chris's old room. What a fun way to finish up the night.

We came home and I tried to figure out my internet class and now here I am blogging. I hope I didn't bore you too much with my lack of pictures. I'll try to be better about that in the future. I'm sure you wont be hearing from me much in the next few months though so just be grateful!! I think I'm going to be pretty busy, so please bear with me. Hope you all have a great week and I'll blog ya later!!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

More Youth Conference

As you probably already know, Chris and I helped out with youth conference with our ward last week. I have been meaning to post more pictures from it all week and just haven't done it yet. I do have to apologize for the overload of pics. I have a TON of them and there are so many cute ones but I tried to just pick out my favs. I didn't have my camera the whole time so I know there were some great pictures that I don't have, like Chris sword fighting. He totally kicked butt. But it's probably a good thing for all of you though, just fewer that you have to go through.

I just have to say I'm so grateful for the opportunity that I had to go to youth conference. I seriously had such a great time and enjoyed spending time with the youth. They are just so amazing and have such strong spirits. I felt their testimonies the whole time I was there. I see so many kids who are already getting themselves into so much trouble, so it is so refreshing to hang out with such a great group of kids. It makes me think that maybe I can have kids of my own someday! I'm totally looking forward to going to the stake youth conference in November. Chris and I are the chairpersons so we will have a big part of it, and I can't wait!
Here we are eating our "bad breakfast" for loosing. It was just plain oatmeal. It really wasn't too bad, I actually enjoyed it.
Here we are getting ready to go ice skating.
The girl in the red sweatshirt is Hillary. This is about what she looked like the whole time. She just couldn't stay on her feet. She had a great attitude, especially with everyone enjoying her falls as much as we did. :)
This is me with Collette and Kourtney showing off our sweet moves.
This is me and Allie right after falling. Allie has a sweet video of this fall. I'll try to get it from her to show all of you. Here are our sweet moves once again.
This was the next morning at the service project. You can see how excited everyone is!
This is Candice really straining over a tough weed.Here's my sexy hubby workin' away.
This is Sam and Savannah. They just moved into our ward from my mom's ward in Tolleson. What a small world!
Here is Chris with his new buddy. This scarecrow had actually fallen down and I helped to repair it. Here's a few of the girls in front of the pile of weeds that were pulled. It was a pretty amazing accomplishment, as you can see.
Right after the service project. We went over to play mud football. There was too much water though, so the football didn't last very long. We spent more time just playing in the mud. I had fun but I was so happy to get it all off of me.Here is Chris looking o so tough!
The rest of us who didn't want to play football.
After that, we went to the Bremmer's house to go swimming in their beautiful pool. I don't have many pictures of this because I was in the pool the most of the time. But here are a few from the game they were playing. Its kinda like limbo but you had to jump over the rope without hitting it. Here's what its supposed to look like...
...but not so much like this.
Here's a few who didn't want to join in on the game

That's all for now. I hope I didn't bore you too much with so many pictures. I just can't choose only a few, I'd much rather share lots of them.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Whole Fam Damily

Chris and I spent the past weekend in Pinedale at the McRae Family Reunion. It was so nice to get out of the heat and get to know the family better. There was quite a bit of family that came from the east coast that I had never met before. We had a lot of fun just hangin' out and being goofy. Chris told me that I can be a little "too wordy" in my posting so this time I'll try to just stick to the pictures. There are kind of a lot so I hope you enjoy.

We left on Friday afternoon after I got done with work. After we got there, we ate dinner and hung out for a bit. The fire was built and we made smores. They were so tasty! I decided to make them in foil so the chocolate would melt.

I made some to share but I just wanted to hog it all to myself!!Here is Chris and I around the campfire.After the yummy treats, Chris's cousin's kids, Curtis and Jackson put on a little show for us. They picked 2 people from the audience to join in and of course they picked the fun-est ones, myself and my brother in law TJ. Why is it that the in-laws are the most fun? We spent the rest of the evening playing games and laughing, "YEAH MORMONS"...I guess you had to be there to get that. But trust me, it was pretty funny. After that, we went into Showlow to find a hotel for the night.

The next day, Chris was helping TJ install some granite so I had to drive the orange machine back to the cabin. That thing is so big and hard to maneuver, but I somehow managed...not too bad for my first time. This is me unable to take my eyes off of the road out of total fear of crashing the orange monster.
I spent the morning with Jen. Here we are riding horses. This was my first time, so I got the more gentle one named Rocky. The only reason I remember his name is because its Jen and TJ's dogs name too.

After a few hours, we went back to Showlow to pick up Chris. He was getting pretty bored of watching TJ. After we got back, I lounged around while Chris got the paintball guns cleaned and ready to go. I was the only girl brave enough to go. I was really not wanting to go because I was just too tired but I ended up having a great time!! Thanks, Chris, for guilting me into going.

After dinner that night, we had a Hawaiian themed party. Each of the families were supposed to prepare a skit/talent to share with everyone. I had no idea till just a few hours before hand. Lucky for me, it had already been planned. The McRae boys presented a Hula dance for us. They did such a great job. I was so surprised by Chris's willingness to participate. He hates to dance, but kept a smile on his face the whole time. Here are a few pictures of them. I promise to post the video as soon as I have it.
This is Chris, Uncle Kenny, TJ and Gary.
Me and my studly hula-hubby
Gary can't seem to get enough of grabbing every one's "boobies"

After all of the skits were over, we spent the rest of the night dancing. These are cousins Rustin and Alisa dancing with each other.

While they were dancing, I looked over at Jen, and saw her totally mesmerized by them! I couldn't resist capturing this look of amazement on her face.
And, it would be totally unlike me to not tease her about it. Here's Debbie and I watching in amazement. We couldn't decide if we should be speechless......astounded...

...or just plain and simple disgusted by the dance. HAHAHA!! All in all, it was very amusing.
After all of Chris's Hula Dancing, he didn't want to dance with me, so I had to dance with Jen.

Here is me doing the Limbo. That's about as low as I can go. I guess I'm not as bendy as I used to be.
Here is Chris and I doing what Chris was wanting to do...just sit back and watch. And of course TJ in the background being a goober!!
Tj seems to love trying to be in the background of all our pictures!!

The next morning, we had church. Both Chris and Jen were asked to talk. They both did such a great job and brought tears to my eyes. Even Chris was chocking up, which never happens. I love to see the softer side of him sometimes. He is such an amazing husband and I'm so grateful for the amazing spirit that he brings into our home. We also watched a slide show that Grandma McRae put together about our family history. It was so interesting to see the old pictures and to learn more about the fam. She did such a fabulous job putting it all together .

Here is Uncle Kenny and his son Devin all dressed up for church. Way to wear a tie, Kenny!!
Later that day, we went quading for a bit. Here is Chris waiting for me to hop on. He was so patient with me all weekend and letting me take so many pictures. I just love this one of him, he just has the cutest smile on his face.
Here we are together.

And of course a close up. Chris hates these pictures that we take ourselves, but I always love them!!

The rest of the afternoon was spent lounging around. I really wanna get a hammock for my backyard, if it ever gets landscaped!! Its so nice to lay in as long as there are no little boys trying to jump on and ruin my relaxation. Curtis and Jackson don't quite understand the word NO.This is me with Devin's girlfriend, Lena (I hope I spelled that right.) Lena is very sweet and I'm so glad we got to meet her. Hopefully we will get to see her again soon. Chris and TJ are enjoying the best nap either of them have ever had. They were both ready to go home, I think. I think that's finally about it. I hope I didn't bore you too much...I'm still that little girl in the candy store who can't decide which candy she wants. Except now I just can't choose which pictures I want to post. So rather than sacrifice any of them, I'll just post them all. Hope you have a great day!!