Tuesday, December 30, 2008

What a cute little FAMILY

We did some family pictures on Monday. Here's my FAVORITE one. What do you THINK?

....MORE to come :)

Fun with the GIRLS

Chris's brother, Stewart, is in town with his wife Robyn and their 4 beautiful girls. We've been having A BLAST with them. They are getting so big and say the FUNNIEST things. Here's a conversation I had with Ashley ON Sunday.

me: Ashley, your hair looks so BEAUTIFUL today! (being a little sarcastic, she was looking like a RAGAMUFFIN---in case you don't know what a ragamuffin is, like my darling husband, please notice the picture :))
Ashley: I know, I take-ted a nap!!!

**I don't know how she picked up on my SARSASM. She is a big girl TRAPPED in a little girls body! Her hair really doesn't look as messy in the picture but you get the idea. I know she is going to HATE me for when she's older, but this picture was TOO FUNNY to resist!
These pictures are from my father-in-law Gary's house. The girls put on a show for us. They practiced The Wizard of Oz for me but then decided to just PERFORM singing for everyone else. The oldest, KAITLYN started by welcoming all the "ladies and gentlemen" and asking everyone to please turn off their cell phone. I don't know where she came up with that at 7 years old, but I just LOVED it! I could WRITE A WHOLE BOOK on the funny things I have heard them say just this weekend!

This is them during the show

Here's Chris with Addy after the show. They looked SO CUTE the way they were sitting and talking.Gary was kind enough to let Ashley put some GLITTER in his hair. It was so pretty!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Big Day for Chris!!

So one of our CHRISTMAS GIFTS was wii fit. I'm so excited about it! Its been so fun to PLAY and hopefully it will motivate me to want to do more working out. I know it can't be the only thing I do, but a very good SUPPLEMENT. Anyway, here's my BEEF. Yesterday, Chris and I got on for the first time. It weighs you and has you do some BALANCE tests and calculates your wii fit age. Its no surprise that both Chris and I are OVERWEIGHT and out of shape, so our ages were 40 and 38. It weighed me exactly what I thought but for whatever reason, Chris was being weighed about 30 lbs LIGHTER than he really is. Today, we got on again and its weighing me the same but its getting Chris's weight right now. So according to the wii, he GAINED almost 30 lbs! It calculated my age at 34 so I was very happy to loose 4 years. Then Chris did his...You're probably thinking his age went up, but that's where you're WRONG!! He is now 25. How does he gain 30 lbs and drop 15 YEARS. That's just not right!!! All of a sudden, I'm a 34 year old COUGAR married to some little 25 year old CHUMP!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Fun

Another CHRISTMAS has come and gone...way too fast!! We have had so much fun though. The season started with the annual WHITE ELEPHANT/KARAOKE party. Thanks to all who came, it was a BLAST! I don't know why I didn't take pictures, I didn't think about it till the next day. So those of you who weren't able to come can just imagine...
Next was the GINGERBREAD competition. Chris and I decided to shake it up a bit, and we made a gingerbread NATIVITY. It turned out so cute. Here's a few pictures so you can see how talented we are :)

Here are some pictures from the events from Christmas Eve and Day. It was such a busy few days, but so much fun. We feel so BLESSED to have so much family to be able to CELEBRATE with. THANKS to everyone who made our Christmas so awesome! We are so lucky to have so many people who love us.

Here's the dogs with their Christmas presents. Chris got them some yummy treats for being such good girls. This is Rogue. And Kona....

Now that all of the FESTIVITIES are over, we are just doing some relaxing. Its been so nice to have some extra time with Chris. We have been reflecting on all of the blessings we have in our lives and feel overwhelmed with the blessings the LORD has given us. Life has thrown us a few curve balls, but I know that we will be blessed for our hard work and endurance. Thank you all for all the support you give us, we LOVE you all!!!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Youth Conference

Sorry to all my fellow bloggers for once again being MIA. I've had so much going on that I just haven't had much time to blog so here we go. For those of you who don't know, Chris and I were called by our stake to be in charge of youth conference. It was a total shock and definitely overwhelming but we accepted. With the help of all the stake leaders and an incredible youth committee it all turned out amazing! We had such a great time working with everyone and planning this huge event. Our testimonies were greatly strengthened! Here's just a few of my fav pics. You might get lucky and get to see more but that's it for now. These are mostly of Chris and I and our youth committee.

I want to give a BIG thanks to my friend Kim. I've wanted to start scrapbooking for some time now but was so overwhelmed by the thought until recently. I decided it wouldn't be so bad if I could do it all digitally but once again just didn't really know how to start. Luckily I have a great friend who could show me how to do it. I'm not super creative so hopefully these will get better and better with time but for now, bear with me.

I also need to say thanks to BJ for his contribution. He hooked me up with photoshop and its AWESOME! I couldn't be doing all of the things I wanna do without it. So thanks!

Maybe I'll be a better blogger one day but until then, just be patient and I'll try to post some more pictures soon. LOVES!