Sunday, March 7, 2010

Mexico Continued......

Our second stop was Mazatlan. We took a cab from our boat to the main part of town. Here is a picture of Chris sitting in the front of the cab. In the background, you can see the radio in the glove box that I'm pretty sure was stolen! The driver kept it locked even while he was driving and only unlocked it when he was changing the song!

I don't know why I always feel the need to make super excited smiles in all my pictures, I end up with pictures like this....
After we were dropped off, we found a place to rent ATVs and rode through the jungle and on the beach.

And I had to get a picture of this! Oh, Canada!!!

Here we are enjoying our lunch.......

.....and the coolest waiter EVER!

We planned on spending the rest of our time on the beach, then TJ started talking to a guy who sailed us to Deer Island. (I think the island he took us to is what you see in the background of this picture.)

I was so scared about my camera being out while we were on the sail boat, but it survived and we managed to get a few pictures.

I LOVE this picture of Chris swimming!!!

And I love how Jen always makes fun of TJ for trying to get in the background of other people's pictures, but it looks like he has rubbed off on her!

Here we are that night at dinner, with our awesome servers!

Our final stop was Puerto Vallarta. We split up from Jen and TJ and ended up at this beautiful resort. The first time I pulled out my camera to take a picture I couldn't figure out why it wouldn't turn on. Then I realized that my battery was still in our stateroom being charged. I was so sad that I had forgot to grab it! So the only picrures I got were later, when we met back up with Jen and TJ. So here is my one picture.
And now back to the ship. Here is dinner that night. I seriously don't know why I try to take funny face pictures. They always turn out hideous!
The last few days we pretty much just hung out and relaxed. The boat got pretty rocky and Chris even ended up sick one morning. It was pretty funny to watch everyone stumbling around though!

Here is Chris before he got sick, so still pretty happy.

We went out of the side of the boat to watch the waves but its really hard to tell in the picture.

Here we are before dinner on the night of our anniversary.

These last few are just a few random pictures that I liked.

Yes we are at the casino but I promise I didn't gamble at all!
And here we are back on dry land and SO SAD to be heading back to reality!

Isn't that face so sad looking?

So there you go! I know it took me over a month to finally finish all of this but at least its done now. I still can't believe Chris and I have been married for 5 years! I don't know how we made it here so fast and yet, I can hardly remember my life without him. I am so grateful for Chris and the amazing husband he is but more importantly for him being my very best friend in the whole world! As I was laying in bed trying to fall asleep last night, I was thinking about life and how truly lucky I am. I know I don't have the nicest house or car and I definitely don't have a money tree but I know that what we have is pretty special. Even with all the things he does that drive me crazy, and all the bickering we do back and forth, being sealed to Chris was the best thing I have ever done and I wouldn't trade that for anything! I hate to get all mushy but I think its important not only to say, but to write it down every now and then. Chris, I love you more than you know and thank you for all that you do!!!

Monday, March 1, 2010

So lately I have been getting a lot of random comments on my blog from people I don't know. I tried changing my settings a few times but continued to get them. Last night, I went on my google analytics account to see if I could figure out where they were all coming from and I noticed that I had a huge number of "visitors" looking at my blog. I tried looking at a few things but nothing seemed to stand out, so I pretty much just thought it was weird but left it alone. Today, I was looking at my comments and a friend of mine, (thanks Niki) made a comment about my "ladies" and it finally clicked....on my last post, several people commented about my "nice cleavage". I logged back into google analytics and looked at a graph of the last 6 months and here is what I saw......

That huge peak started right after all the cleavage comments. That means that the only reason that so many people are looking at my blog is because they are looking to see some "nice cleavage"! I have a part of me that is relieved that I finally figured out why all the random comments and another, bigger part that is totally disgusted! Seriously, I can't believe how many disgusting perverts there are out there. Even more than that, I can't believe that those innocent (or maybe not so innocent) comments about my female anatomy has brought so many sick pigs to my happy little blog, it makes me so sick!!! I am truly considering going private now! So to all you perverts who may be reading this, GO AWAY! YOU ARE NOT, AND NEVER WERE, WELCOME HERE!!!!! To everyone else, thanks for stopping by and I'll see you next time!

PS. I'm not looking for any apologies AT ALL!!! I actually liked the comments and don't blame any one in the least. It just surprised me more than anything. So please, in the future, keep 'em coming!