Sunday, February 28, 2010

Mexico Part Uno

I realize that I promised more pictures and that was a month ago. I know it has taken a very long time but here they are. All of our pictures were on Jen's laptop so I had to wait till I had them all and then I had to sort through more than a thousand pictures to decide which I liked the best. And for those of you who really know me, you already know that I have such a hard time making decisions so sorting through was a huge task!

Anyway, as you know already, Chris and I cruised to Mexico for our 5 year anniversary. Chris's sister, Jen, and her husband TJ joined us in the celebration. We had such an amazing time and we are still so sad to be home and ready to go on another vacation. Like I said, there are tons of pictures and I tried to narrow it down as much as I could but there are still tons.

This is Chris and I in line getting ready to get on the boat. We are so excited we can hardly stand it at this point!

Here we are right after we got on the boat and just trying to figure out where we were. Still too excited to even contain it!

Our first trip to the buffet, need I say more?

Here we are waving goodbye to all our cares!

Sneaking in a smooch before dinner.
Fruity drinks seemed to be in order!
We don't have many pictures of all four of us. This is us at the welcome aboard show.
The next day was a little overcast but so beautiful. I loved looking out and seeing the clouds and the ocean.
We took some time to explore the boat. It was so windy we could hardly walk. I just love this picture of Chris trying to walk in the wind.
Here is Jen and I soaking up some sun.
We decided to try our luck at Bingo but sadly we were unsuccessful :(
We just loved being out on the deck enjoying the beautiful views and weather.
And of course we had to get a picture at the bow.
And I couldn't resist.......
Just a cute one of Chris. I love that face!
We loved watching the sun set. So beautiful and relaxing.
Here we are dressed up for dinner.
Every night, our towels were folded up into animals so here was the swan for the first night.
Our first stop was in Cabo. We got off of the boat just to get on to a smaller boat and enjoyed a quick boat tour. They dropped us off at lovers beach where we did some snorkeling and of course soaking up some sun and laying in the sand. This was my favorite beach. The water was nice and it was so gorgeous.
I love this happy face!

Jen and I in our super cute matchy suits!
This was the view I enjoyed the most!
I know its cheezy but I just couldn't help myself.
"this is my boat!"
I love this picture of Chris playing in the water. He was loving life away from work!
After Lovers Beach, we had lunch and then wandered around the city and did some window shopping. We didn't buy anything but had fun looking.
And last but not least (for now) here I am at dinner that night after Cabo.

I will try to get the rest of the trip up in the next week or so but I'm not making any promises.